Tuesday, May 31, 2011

18. Endless Power

You can Love Me, You can Hate Me.  I personally think Indifference, the feeling of not feeling any thing at all, is the worst way you can insult and hurt a person.  I prefer to be loved but I can assure you we ALL have at least one thing in common with everyone in the world, the universal language of Music.

Music is You when Your not there.  My Comfort, my Best friend, my Therapist, my Motivator, my Arousal, my Emotion, My Experience, My Life, Your Life.  It's my heart beat. 

I download all my music thru Frost Wire, http://www.lomaximoproductions.com/home.php ( great website to download all mp3's of the latest of everything.  Free, Free, Free!

I follow one of my Favorite Talented NY DJ's of all Time-- DJ CHINO.  I've gone to his parties for the past 10 ten years and I am guaranteed a great time. http://www.djchino1.com/  His passion for music transcends thru his work and it just keeps you wanting More.  He has a unique skill on the turntables with amazing diversity with his mixes.  I usually download his music from www.soundcloud.com. 

My Recently Top Ten Downloaded this week

  • Take it Down Low - Akon Ft Chris Brown
  • Ven Conmigo - Daddy Yankee
  • I'm On One - Drake Ft Rick Ross
  • Ella Ella - Don Omar
  • I'm into You - Jennifer Lopez ft Lil Wayne
  • The Edge of Glory - Lady Gaga
  • Party Rock Anthem - LMFAO
  • Hello - Martin Solveig
  • Mr Saxo Beat - Omega
  • Motivation - Kelly Rowland

Music an Endless Power that Unites Us All!!!

Monday, May 23, 2011

17. Anorexic Wallet

I can be Fancy, you can be Fancy, Drake can be Fancy but Water MAY NOT be Fancy until now at least.  Water has more different trends than my own personal Style: Spring, Distilled, Purified, Mineral, Sparkling and Reverse Osmosis.

I am now bringing sexy back to TAP Water.  Water Bobble !! http://www.waterbobble.com/

Before Bobble I was a complete water snob.  If I can control the circumstances I only like the taste of Poland Spring and most Spring waters.  I detest Dasani, despise Avion and loathe Fuji.

Bobble actually gives tap water a good taste, doesn't de-mineralize it and removes all toxins.

The replacement filter comes in all different Fashionable colors, it last two months or 300 uses (that's 3.3 cents a serving) and it's only $6.95.

My only peeve on the bottle is the sucking sound it creates when you drink from it from the air being pulled back.  Other than that my mind is at ease knowing I am Living Right and Spending Right!!  Doing the environment good by eliminating plastic waste and my anorexic wallet can still starve because I am not spending anymore on bottled water.

Monday, May 16, 2011

16. Beyond Therapy

A High Knee Walker, a term my best friend, Denise and I made up to describe our unique style of running.  No matter how hard & fast we paced ourselves it seems like we were continuously running in place.  I’ve spent a whole year running and its simply pathetic how I was never able to improve my average mile of 10 min 30 sec.   Simply amazing how I did keep up my endurance & control to finish a Half Marathon in 2 hours and a half.

The beginning as a high knee walker started in mid 2008.  I was working out to one of those get off the Couch and Move It programs to train for a 5 mile race in Central Park.  My training hit a dead end rather quickly when I became aware of an unexpected health issue and went thru a small surgical procedure to remove some pre-cancer cells in my cervix. 

Denise, my right hand lady, one of the strongest, empowering, inspirational friends in my life decided to run that race in my place with absolutely no prior training in running.  Amazing!  We found out that my surgery was a success, Dee proudly finished the race and since then we have called ourselves team VICTORY.

Running became a healing process for us.  We joined the NY Road Runners Club in 2010.  Nine qualifying races later including volunteer work we aimed high and ended up qualifying for the NYC Marathon for 2011.  My biggest pride and joy aside from crossing all 9 finish lines was sharing the experience with Michael and the boys.  Mike got motivated himself and ran the Father’s day race, my other best friend Vanessa ran the Self Magazine 4 mile race with us and Nathan participated in all the kid races. Nate the Great!

I always felt I was one with the road with my comfortable & durable Asics Kenyan. 

Long distance running became a challenge for me since I have a small bladder.  Pit stops at MC D’s and Starbucks and the occasional “Pop a Squat” all became part of my running routine.   I’ve come to find out that many professional runners use Adult Diapers, a guarantee run without stops.  Hell to the No will I ever submit to that!!

Running is self-gratifying. Everything that goes into the training: the hard work, the regime, the laundry, the sweat, the pounds lost are only recognized with a big banner at the end of the race that says FINISH. 

In October 2010, two years after my surgery I completed the Diva Half Marathon in Long Island NY.  This race is the ultimate experience and gratification other than receiving a bagel and a banana after crossing the finish line.    I’m talking about Dj’s, Firefighters, tutus, feather boas, tiaras, champagne toast and a Blinged out Metal.  Super Experience!! 

Running is beyond therapy.  It’s the source that nourishes my soul and physical appetite. I’ve stopped running for about six months now.   I decided to slow down my pace and shift my energy at the moment to my new home and life in CT.  I will return to running one day but in the meantime this blog and zumba workouts are my replacement outlets.

Check It!! I turned my Diva Outfit into an 80’s Costume for Halloween. 

Monday, May 9, 2011

15. Delete Button

The secret to life is friendship.  The relationships I have with my best friends are sacred and sincere.  People have come and go and I love & appreciate those that have never left my side.

In my dreams, I am starring down a big Whirlpool.  One by one, I see people in my life now being extinguished down the pipes.  Once all the water is drained and everyone is gone I feel an inner tranquility.  Give and Take, Come and Go, Use and Abuse, Not Here Not There—sadly we see these relationships every day in our lives including friendships.  In my reality, there are people who are weak that are holding me back from strengthening my inner backbone.  It’s become a true challenge to figure out who in my life wants me to succeed, overcome, and take the SPOTLIGHT here and there.  I’ve currently experienced hardship and disappointments with relationships.  The saying “Misery Luvs Company” never gets old.

I have allowed TOXIC people in my life justifying the relationship with the memories and history we have built together. I’ve been resistant to admit that the past is not strong enough to hold on to the future anymore.    

I had a complex in which I wanted to be liked by everyone and disliked by no-one.  Therefore my standards were low and I allowed too many unnecessary faces in my life.  I downplayed myself by acting very naïve, somewhat innocent and now I feel like my character is misinterpreted.  Today I will boldly say “Not anymore!”  Present and aware.  Savvy and Intuitive, I am here.

Now that I have kids I realize that I can't have low standards with who I allow in my life.  Understanding the true meaning of friendships I realize these faces have to go because aside from the past we share no common grounds.  

Face book is a culprit.  Example, I receive a friend request.  How do I know you? HS, College, friend of a friend etc.  Do you really care about me or do you just care to add a number to your friend list.  “Who you know vs. who knows you” makes a big difference to keep in mind. 
I’ll be doing a little spring cleaning these next few days.

Moving forward with the DELETE button in all aspects of my life.  I will live happily ever after, not alone but with my right faces.

"Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, and impossible to forget"(g.r) 

Thursday, May 5, 2011

14. Whipped

In Honor of Cinco de Mayo!!

Hostess with the Mostess!  Carnival Fever is in my blood. I’m in the scene and love a good time. Before my daytime career as a mom and an accountant (sigh), I was a Mad Scientist behind concoctions of Happy Juice (alcoholic beverages). 
  Bartending through my college years may seem Glamorous for some but Hands Down the hardest job I’ve taken upon. Bar tending is fun but don’t underestimate the work and skill behind it: 12 hour shifts, on your feet the whole night, harassment no longer becomes a compliment, no breaks other than to use the restroom, you can stuff down some food in between breaks but then the risk of getting bloated and not looking sexy in that belly shirt (So not worth it!), your shoes and hands get super sticky from all the spills and you are most likely sleep deprived and deaf by the end of the night. 
I considered myself the best bartender since I was overly generous with my counts in pouring.  But for those guys that crossed me the wrong way I was extra generous with my spit in their drinks. Word!

I’ve been enjoying the art of entertaining since I’ve moved to my new home.  I love to find and try new drinks to serve at my get togethers.  My all time favorite drinks no matter the occasion are Café Patron (chilled) and Coconut Ciroc. 

Recently, my mom introduced me to my New Ultimate Pick of the Month:
PINNACLE VODKA WHIPPED.  Taste just like Whipped Cream.  Take it as a shot or mix it in with Cranberry Juice or Tonic.  YUM-O!  The vodka brand has other flavors such as Cotton Candy and Butterscotch.  Let me know if you have tried and have any favorite flavors from this brand...??

Next Month I plan to Wind it Down with a brand of wine called Mommy’s Time Out.  A well deserved break I say.

Monday, May 2, 2011

13.Blood Thicker Than Water

Dear Officer:
I’d like to press charges.  I’m the victim.  ABANDONED when I was a little girl.  EXPOSED to a life of Money Laundering and Drug Trafficking.  EXPLOITED by the FBI.  They have snapped hundreds of pictures of me and I am now part of a file that sits on their desk and is revisited every couple of years.  (Explains why I love posing for the camera).  ALIENATED as the girl that grew up in a single parent home.  EXCLUDED from those special father/daughter events such as graduation, wedding and birth of my children.  DISTRAUGHT from my emotions and WOUNDED with deep seated scars aimed at the heart.  DAMAGED, DECEIVED, DEPRIVED, FORGOTTEN. 

Dear Daddy:   
Look at me now!  I’ve made it this far without you!  Your sweet little girl has gone sour.  I remember the Racist remarks you had against my husband.  I remember the day you slapped my face and called me a Bitch.  I remember your preference of choosing my brother and kicking me to the side.  Growing up Father-less has infused my self destructive habits, has had an effect on my poor love relationships, inability to trust, and changed my emotional perspective.  I do have compassion and understand you faced many challenges in your life.  I thank you for crossing paths with my mom and blessing her with your seed.  Those little swimmers make some pretty awesome kids.  I have children now of my own and I am cutting out the pattern I grew up with. " The Heart That Truly Loves Never Forgets".

Dear Officer:  
 I have CONARTIST genes but I’d be only fooling myself if I keep blaming my childhood for my actions today.  I stand here today in front of the jury to testify of my new Will, Power and Self Control.  I am the decision maker of my actions, not my past.  I do have daddy issues but  Forgiveness is over rated.  There are people in your life today that deserve more respect and love from you than people who are entitled to Forgiveness because blood is thicker than water.  I’m dropping the charges.  I’m all grown up and I choose to let go.