Monday, May 2, 2011

13.Blood Thicker Than Water

Dear Officer:
I’d like to press charges.  I’m the victim.  ABANDONED when I was a little girl.  EXPOSED to a life of Money Laundering and Drug Trafficking.  EXPLOITED by the FBI.  They have snapped hundreds of pictures of me and I am now part of a file that sits on their desk and is revisited every couple of years.  (Explains why I love posing for the camera).  ALIENATED as the girl that grew up in a single parent home.  EXCLUDED from those special father/daughter events such as graduation, wedding and birth of my children.  DISTRAUGHT from my emotions and WOUNDED with deep seated scars aimed at the heart.  DAMAGED, DECEIVED, DEPRIVED, FORGOTTEN. 

Dear Daddy:   
Look at me now!  I’ve made it this far without you!  Your sweet little girl has gone sour.  I remember the Racist remarks you had against my husband.  I remember the day you slapped my face and called me a Bitch.  I remember your preference of choosing my brother and kicking me to the side.  Growing up Father-less has infused my self destructive habits, has had an effect on my poor love relationships, inability to trust, and changed my emotional perspective.  I do have compassion and understand you faced many challenges in your life.  I thank you for crossing paths with my mom and blessing her with your seed.  Those little swimmers make some pretty awesome kids.  I have children now of my own and I am cutting out the pattern I grew up with. " The Heart That Truly Loves Never Forgets".

Dear Officer:  
 I have CONARTIST genes but I’d be only fooling myself if I keep blaming my childhood for my actions today.  I stand here today in front of the jury to testify of my new Will, Power and Self Control.  I am the decision maker of my actions, not my past.  I do have daddy issues but  Forgiveness is over rated.  There are people in your life today that deserve more respect and love from you than people who are entitled to Forgiveness because blood is thicker than water.  I’m dropping the charges.  I’m all grown up and I choose to let go.  

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