Monday, May 9, 2011

15. Delete Button

The secret to life is friendship.  The relationships I have with my best friends are sacred and sincere.  People have come and go and I love & appreciate those that have never left my side.

In my dreams, I am starring down a big Whirlpool.  One by one, I see people in my life now being extinguished down the pipes.  Once all the water is drained and everyone is gone I feel an inner tranquility.  Give and Take, Come and Go, Use and Abuse, Not Here Not There—sadly we see these relationships every day in our lives including friendships.  In my reality, there are people who are weak that are holding me back from strengthening my inner backbone.  It’s become a true challenge to figure out who in my life wants me to succeed, overcome, and take the SPOTLIGHT here and there.  I’ve currently experienced hardship and disappointments with relationships.  The saying “Misery Luvs Company” never gets old.

I have allowed TOXIC people in my life justifying the relationship with the memories and history we have built together. I’ve been resistant to admit that the past is not strong enough to hold on to the future anymore.    

I had a complex in which I wanted to be liked by everyone and disliked by no-one.  Therefore my standards were low and I allowed too many unnecessary faces in my life.  I downplayed myself by acting very naïve, somewhat innocent and now I feel like my character is misinterpreted.  Today I will boldly say “Not anymore!”  Present and aware.  Savvy and Intuitive, I am here.

Now that I have kids I realize that I can't have low standards with who I allow in my life.  Understanding the true meaning of friendships I realize these faces have to go because aside from the past we share no common grounds.  

Face book is a culprit.  Example, I receive a friend request.  How do I know you? HS, College, friend of a friend etc.  Do you really care about me or do you just care to add a number to your friend list.  “Who you know vs. who knows you” makes a big difference to keep in mind. 
I’ll be doing a little spring cleaning these next few days.

Moving forward with the DELETE button in all aspects of my life.  I will live happily ever after, not alone but with my right faces.

"Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, and impossible to forget"(g.r) 

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