Monday, May 23, 2011

17. Anorexic Wallet

I can be Fancy, you can be Fancy, Drake can be Fancy but Water MAY NOT be Fancy until now at least.  Water has more different trends than my own personal Style: Spring, Distilled, Purified, Mineral, Sparkling and Reverse Osmosis.

I am now bringing sexy back to TAP Water.  Water Bobble !!

Before Bobble I was a complete water snob.  If I can control the circumstances I only like the taste of Poland Spring and most Spring waters.  I detest Dasani, despise Avion and loathe Fuji.

Bobble actually gives tap water a good taste, doesn't de-mineralize it and removes all toxins.

The replacement filter comes in all different Fashionable colors, it last two months or 300 uses (that's 3.3 cents a serving) and it's only $6.95.

My only peeve on the bottle is the sucking sound it creates when you drink from it from the air being pulled back.  Other than that my mind is at ease knowing I am Living Right and Spending Right!!  Doing the environment good by eliminating plastic waste and my anorexic wallet can still starve because I am not spending anymore on bottled water.

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