Monday, April 18, 2011

8. The Goodies

This blog will be quick, fast and painless but that’s not how you describe a visit to the Dentist.  I get a regular routine every six months, never had a filling in my life.   Just my luck, I move out of town, change my dentist and Tada! I get not one but 4 cavities.   I am traumatized and have found some great alternatives for a fun Easter Egg Hunt without the sweets. 

It was a creative task to figure out small enough egg fillers that were healthy, fun and not a choking hazard.  Happy Easter! Hope these small tips inspire you and help you fill up those eggs with the Goodies.

Fun:  Stickers, Bouncy Balls, Money, Coins, Tattoos, Mini action figures, Lego Pieces, Play Dough, Chalk, Silly Bands, Erasers, Rings, Balloons

Healthy: Cheerios, Trail-Mix, Raisins/Cranberries, Marshmallows, Gold Fish, Popcorn, Vitamin Gummy Bears, Animal Crackers, Pretzels

Speaking of gold fish, pass up on winning them at carnivals!  It will avoid you having to explain to your kid why it died the next day… 


  1. Poor Bubbles... did you give him a burial at sea?

  2. @ Rob - the only burial bubbles got was at the Fairfield Dump. Surprisingly, Nate took it well.