Wednesday, April 13, 2011

1. To Infinity and Beyond

There are days I wish I was built with a Demo button--switch me off and on.  Or the ability to reboot in a matter of seconds when it's only 10:30 a.m. and it feels like "Wait, isn't it bedtime already?"  I feel like the past five years have sped away and I'm losing myself in between the minutes and hours of the day. 

Here is a glimpse of the past 14 years of my life.  I come from a very Dysfunctional home, your ordinary now a days but not so ordinary upbringing.  I have a brother, three half sister, two step-sisters, one step brother, one step-father and two step-mother's. Are you still following?  I come from a Spanish (Colombian) background and I celebrate all the Jewish Holidays.  Which reminds me Passover is coming soon and the Easter Bunny will be joining us on our annual Egg Hunt.

I met Michael, my husband when I was 14 yr's old, a Freshman in High School.  He is two years older than me.  We enjoyed our teenage years together.  We both finished college and I got married when I was 22, February 2005.  We bought an apartment in Queens, NY and Mastered a 5 year plan.  A glimpse of our five year plan was to work work work, travel travel travel and buy a home five years later and then plan a family.  Well that lovely picture turned backwards on us when I found out I was pregnant on his birthday December 2005.  Wait a minute, me pregnant?! I was just diagnosed with PCOS and the GYN claimed I had infertility issues the summer of 2005.  A true blessing from God, I named my son Nathaniel Pryce, a strong gift from God. 

Once I gave birth, I started to work from home three days a week and I had the best of both worlds.  A true balance between a working mom and a stay at home mom. I still have that schedule and flexibility and thank God because it keeps me grounded and sane.  Two years later on Michael's birthday, AGAIN, we found out i was Prego.  Hmmm... my balanced life became a turmoil in my mind.  I was really content with one child.  And yes both boys birthday's are in August.  November is a very scary Fertile month. Jayce Matthew was born and my five year plan really became KuPlunk.  I love my boys and family with everything I have but one thing changed drastically.  FUN was slowly draining out of me.  Between working, nurturing, feeding, cleaning, chores, moving, a husband, working out, a social life and the etc.'s I feel like I am losing my identity. 

I had a great role model in my life, my mom.  As a single mom, she worked two-three jobs, learned English, went to college and taught me the meaning of saving money for the hard times.  She literally gave herself up to bring up my brother and I in America.  Oh the American Dream!!  I've taken all the positives from her experience and really grasped the hardworking part of it all but I want to change one thing.  Some of you might consider it selfish but I want to keep discovering myself and not just identify myself as a working mother.  I want to keep feeling passionate about my life and continue to grow without having to wait until I'm 40 and my kids are off in college.  Now 40 is relatively young but I want to create a balance between my own identity, as a wife and a mother.  Hey, we are all Super Mom's but I have doubts. 

This blog is my mental, physical and emotional outlet.  Hobbies are too expensive right now since we purchased a home.  My new goal in my fast paced life is to take a beat.  Appreciate the small laughs and smiles we all have in common.  I want to write about happy moments because I don't believe in a a state of happiness.  I'll blog about new recipes, new commercial products, a kids corner, savvy shopping ideas, new songs for your workouts, new opportunities and just my journey in this not so ordinary world where we all Live.   Mostly i want this to be an outlet to shift and change my attitude.  I want to fill up my half empty glass.  Well here goes, to Infinity and Beyond.


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    Ebru Sulker I love you

    AnthonyandMary Marsilia Pretty awesome, I'm inspired...

    Danalynn Ruiz Stockwood Great literary piece...It's amazing- i believe all woman feel this way. With the chaos of early morning departures & late nite arrivals...where do we, as woman, find the time to be ourselves? To enjoy a hobby, learn a new feat, read a great's an interesting & challenging revelation...and when you think you "got it down"...something is always lurking...

    You are awesome, V! xoxo

    Jack Gaudio Hey Vianny, this is awesome I am so proud of you, love Indira

  2. Awesome intro! I'm totally looking forward to following your blog :) xoxo

  3. Awesome first post Vianny! I'm really looking forward to more of your insight!